Alumni GOLD

Alumni Graduates of the Last Decade (GOLD) is for graduates who have been out of school for 10 years or less. Meetings and social/networking events are scheduled throughout the year. Additionally, Alumni GOLD members get exclusive invitations to various law school and legal community events unavailable to older alumni.

The Alumni GOLD Executive Committee gives more recent alumni the opportunity to show leadership ability and keep the GOLD active and engaged with the law school and legal community. These members are committed to upholding the mission of the GOLD in hopes of developing both professional and personal alumni relationships, as well as furthering the legal education and professional development of every alumni member.

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GOLD Executive Board

Peter Tessler (’11)

Stephanie Greenberg (’10)
Vice President

Ravinder Sahota (’09)

Paul Prezioso (’08)
Chair, Social Committee

Eileen Sergo (’10)
Chair, Philanthropy Committee

Gia Conti (’12)
Chair, Professional Development Committee

Executive Board Offices & Committees

Office of the President
The GOLD President is the primary contact between GOLD members and the law school. Among other things, responsibilities include overseeing GOLD meetings, setting agendas, and working closely with the executive board and committee chairs.

Office of the Vice President
The Vice President’s main duties include supporting the President as necessary, filling in for the president in his/her absence, and being the main contact for the committee

Office of the Secretary
The Secretary’s responsibilities include taking meeting minutes; scheduling and coordinating GOLD events, GOLD meetings, and committee meetings; and managing communications between the Executive Board and GOLD members.

Social Committee
The Social Committee organizes all annual social events for GOLD members.

Philanthropy Committee
The Philanthropy Committee organizes GOLD volunteer and charity events, and organizes gifts to the school on behalf of GOLD.

Professional Development Committee
The Professional Development Committee organizes professional networking events, such as the Eggs & Issues for Solo and Small Practice Firms.